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Bhoop, Shuddha Kalyan, Deshkar: Tale of three brothers
After four weeks of Yaman, we move to two brothers, Bhoop and Shuddha
Kalyan.  While Bhoop and Shuddha Kalyan are both serious and dignified
the third one is odd one in family. Deshkar is Uttarang Pradhan, and more
“light” raag.

Because Bhoop is normally the first raag most aspiring students learn, there
is a popular misconception that it is “easy”, and “not meant for prolonged
performance”. This is totally incorrect. As proven by none other than
Kishoritai herself.

We will begin with two Shuddha Kalyan compositions, both sung by Lata,
first one by SD-Majrooh, film Paying Guest and second by ShankarJaikishan-
Shailendra, film Chori Chori.. They are very much similar sounding, but
personally I like Burman-da’s composition a bit more. Chand Fir Nikala and
Rasik Balama.

We them move to even better song, Ye Shamki Tanahaiyan, Aah, Shankar
Jaikishan, Lata and Shailendra. My personal favorite.

We have been listening to straight film songs for a while. We will take a
detour into violin, thanks to maestro, Pandit Milind Raikar. Panditji plays a
delightful mix of songs on violin. Alas, this clip is only couple of minutes long,
wish he had played more.

Back to movie songs, we traverse through Shankar Jaikishan from film Love
In Tokyo, Ramlal from film Sehra and Shiv-Hari from Silsila. I know Pt
Shivkumar Sharma is no more, however I refuse to believe it,

his music is eternal.

We have three outstanding pieces at the end. I have always maintained that
when music director sings own songs, it is a completely difference
experience. You will see what I am saying, when Lataji sings a song tuned by
Sudhir Phadke, followed by Sudhir Phadke (affectionately known as Babuji)
sings the same song; Jyoti Kalash Chhalake.

Anand Bhate, Bharat Kamat, Aditya Oak, Rajeev Paranjape. These names
literally represent a class by itself. We will listen to an outstanding rendition
of famous Natya Geet, Priye Paha in raag Deshkar. Listen to superb
accompaniment by Bharat Kamat on tabla and Rajeev Paranjape on Organ,
which is instrument of choice for Natya Sangeet. Extremely well narrated by
Aditya Oak, himself an outstand harmonium/organ player. This live program
was sponsored by Jai Kajal.

In my opinion, talking about Bhoop and not listening to Kishoritai’s Sahela
Re should be a punishable crime. So let us not commit a crime,

here it is, Sahela Re.
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