The Bhairavi bouquet
Bhairavi is literally infinite. The more you take from this bouquet, the more
there is to take. Music is always something that will never exhaust. At cost of
repeating myself, the more you absorb, the more there is to absorb.
So we again remain in our Bhairavi mode for two more weeks.

Someone says Bismillah Khan Saab has been given Bharat Ratna. Yes,
that is true, an incredible honor for the title. For us music lovers,
he was much more than that to begin with. A stalwart who took the Shehnai
into every corner of every household. In Maharashtra, there is no wedding
without Khansaab’s Shehnai. In Bollywood, Khansab has played extensively
in Goonj Uthi Shehnai. We will start with his solo,
Dil Ka Khilauna Haye Toot Gaya, and immediately follow that with movie
song by Lata Mangeshkar.

Pardeme Rehne Do is a gem by Asha-Shankai Jaikishan and Hasrat Jaipuri.
This song is from 1968 movie, Shikar.

We will start the Raj Kapoor section, which comprises of two songs from
Shree 420 and one from Love Marriage. Ramaiyya Vastavayya, Pyar Hua
Ekrar Hua and Dhire Dhire Chal Chaand Gagan Me. Needless to say, this is
Shankar Jaikishan and of course Kaviraj Shailendra.

The final Bollywood song shows classicism at its highest. When Pandit Ravi
Shankar, Lata Mangeshkar and Kaviraj Shailendra get together, what else
one would expect? Just take a bow. No need to say anything, just listen to
this song from Anuradha. The interludes are very interesting, as the pieces
begin off-beat. And last taans by Lataji are out of the world.

We now move to final two interesting pieces. Both live recordings. Sandeep
Ranade singing More Naina Bhar Bhar Aye; a live concert in US.
Accompanied by Ravi Gutala on Tabla, myself on harmonium,
Abhijit Jere on side rhythm (Taal) and Arshin Karande providing
vocal support.

We follow that up, from same concert, the famous Maji Savare Rang Rachi.
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