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Bhoop to Bhoopeshwari and Shivaranjani
We will tackle raags Bhoopeshwari and Shivaranjani in this episode. Both of
them emerge after making slight changes to well known Bhoop.

The change may be slight, but the effect is very different.

We arrive at Bhoopeshwari by flattening the Shuddha Dhaivat in Bhoop to
Komal Dhaivat. With this slight change, the mood is substantially different.
We will start with a Marathi song, Malavoon Taak Deep, tuned by
Hrudaynath Mangeshkar. Notice how different the Sitar sounds when played
in lower octave. Also notice beautiful use of Tabla Tarang.

This tune is inspired from a Mehdi Hassan Ghazal. We will listen to a live
recording of Abke Hum Bichhade in Mehdi Hassansaab’s voice.

Final piece in Bhoopshwari is famous Azeez Naza Kawwali, Chadhata Suraj
Dhire Dhire Dhalta Hain Dhal Jayega.

Raag Shivaranjani is arrived at by flattening Shuddha Gandhar to Komal
Gandhar. Again, a totally different melody emerges. We will listen to a song
from movie Professor, Shankar/Jaikishan, Lata, Rafi. This song is different
because it is set to 10-matra Zaptal, which is rarely used in Bollywood. We
will continue with Shankar/Jaikishan and listen to

Dilke Zarokeme Tuzko Bithhakar from film Bramhachari.

Bombay Jayashree is an outstanding artist from Karnatic music side. She is
well known for her huge repertoire, including Marathi Abhanga. We will listen
to a superb Tillana, which is rough equivalent of

Tarana in North Indian Music.
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