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Waltzing with Dadra
After tackling Ektal and Teental, we will take a look at this 6-beats taal,
Dadra; also known as the Waltz. Most of the Bollywood songs, or light songs
are either in Dadra (6 beats), some form of Kehrwa (8 beats) or

Roopak (7  beats). So we have a huge selection to choose from.  

The taal itself is simple. Divided into two sections of 3-beats,  it is  easy  to
count and memorize. Think “Ye Rate Ye Mausam Nadi Ka Kinara”, and you
got it. However, our Bollywood music directors  have really explored many
unknown angles, as we will see. Especially one of the

Dada Burman songs is really difficult.

We will start with two similar songs, one by Kishore Kumar and other by Rafi.
You can immediately see similarities in the Theka. First song is Teri Ankho
Ke Siwa from Chirag, and second song is Ghungaru Kee Tarah from

Chor Machye Shor.

We will then listen to the signature Dadra song, Ye Rate, Ye Mousam, Nadi
Ka Kinara, tuned by Ravi  from Dilli Ka Thug, a 1958 movie. Please, please
listen to Asha’s line, “Kaha Do Dilone, Ye Milkar Kahin Ham, Na Honge
Juda”, the very last word (Juda) is sung ever-so-softly and

still perfectly in Sur.

There is one song that every person sings, or will sing, depending on age
group. You will sing it tomorrow, if not today! Jane Kaha Gaye  Wo Din, is an
everlasting feeling for all of us. We will listen to this

Raj Kapoor-Mukesh gem.

Since all songs so far are relatively slow, we will throw in this fast paced
Dadra from movie Ujala, Mora Nadan Balama Na Jane Ji Ki Bat.

We have three SD masterpieces in this episode, first one is from movie Prem
Pujari, Foolonki Rangse. Before we turn to SD again, we have Sardar Malik-
Mukesh song from Saranga, and then a C Ramchandra song from Anarkali.

I have always maintained that RD has made the most lay-taal experiments in
the Bollywood. But remember, बाप तो बाप होता हैं. So, here we have the senior
Burman, showing his genius. First song is from Tere Mere Sapne, Ta Thai,
Tat Thai. Almost every word, including the beginning is off-beat, i.e. it starts
after the “Sum”. We follow it up with Guzar’s debut song, “Mora Gora Ang
Laile”. Totally unconventional Sum placement. The Sum is so odd that most
of us cannot even sing the song while providing the theka on using simple
claps. To add to this, they have Chinese Blocks (a side rhythm) playing off
beat. So, for a song with unconventionally  different “Sum” has off beat side
rhythm. Our best option is to listen to the song, and not attempt to sing it!

Finally we listen to Vasantrao Deshpande, in his inimitable style, singing
Bagalyanchi Maal.
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